About Me

This blog has turned into a bit of a personal ramble mixed with rants about news stories and politics. Don’t agree with me? Please comment! I love a good argument. Agree with me? Post a comment too! I love meeting people just as tired of the shit as I am. I have a Monday-Wednesday-Friday post schedule. Some days may have more than one post. There may be a special in-between post. It depends on what’s going on in the world. I don’t post on the weekends because even I need a break. This blog is news driven. So, how much I update and on what is influenced by the news. I will, however, endeavor to have new content at least three times a week.

I’m Patricia. I’m 27. My birthday is March 3rd. Feel free to send gifts. I’m a classic Pisces girl. I’m dreamy, sensitive, and calm. I’m also my Father’s daughter and prone to swift burst of anger that mostly just give me a headache before fading away. I have all the downfalls and strengths of a Pisces. I’m an escapist and generally hate the real world intruding on my little mental fantasy. But I’m also adaptable and easy going. My zodiac sign is two fish heading in different directions –what does that tell you! People often exhaust me but it’s a fine line between enjoying solitude and being lonely.

I am Generation Y, born in 1983. As such, I grew up with technology and get most of my information from the internet. My speech pattern combines both intelligent thought and more than a bit of sassy brat. This is reflected in how I write. I write in a fast and loose style and I try to remember that my readers may be older or younger than me. Someone in their forties might think me a little silly while a teenager might appreciate the straight talk. Either way, this will not stop me from cursing more than my fair share.

I’m a writer and enjoy fantasy and sci-fi. I create. I mostly work with paper but also work with cloth, jewelry, and other crafts. I scrapbook everything and am a little picture happy. I don’t have the cash for a proper camera, so I just have my point and shoot Canon PowerShot. I get by with it. I love to cook. I like to shop. I don’t like to spend money. [snort] Try to figure that one out!

I graduated from college in 2005 and worked for six months at Walgreens before I found a job at an engineering office in spring 2006. I left Walgreens to protect my sanity because people are crazy and rude and I hate 99.9999999% of them. I’m a clerk in this engineering office and I validate the drawing the engineers produce according to the state they belong to and mail them out. We mostly work with the east coast and I hate New Jersey.

I’m a Pagan and a Witch. Not a Wiccan, that’s something different. Not all witches are Wiccan and not all Wiccans are witches. Not all Pagans are witches either. Even some witches don’t consider themselves Pagans. Yes, it’s very confusing. Just realize that each is separate and distinct in their own right and you should be fine. I’m…not fond of Christians but I’ll keep my ranting about that to a minimum.

I have a cat named Boots. My other cat, Little Bit, just recently died of feline peritonitis. Rest in peace, baby. I have a mother who I think is dead but is just too stupid to stop moving. She’s probably on her second cigarette pack of the day as we speak. How my Mom is still alive I do not know. It’s not for lack of trying to kill herself. My Dad is an over the road truck driver. He’s also an ass, so the less said about him the better. I have an older brother who is a geek and I love him and his technology gifting ways. Thanks for the laptop.

Updated Dec. 27, 2010


One response to “About Me

  1. you have a great blog! and im a 1983 baby too so yay us!

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