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100 posts! A blurb of the upcoming year.

We have an email system set up where UPS shipping will tell us if our packages won’t arrive on time. For the past several days we’ve gotten endless “adverse weather conditions” notices through the email. It’s beginning to become a joke. “Yes, we know. Snowy Armageddon in the east. Stop sending us 20 messages about it every hour. We know.” Needless to say, if you ordered something overnight from us and it’s not there yet, it’s probably an ice cube in New Jersey.

On another note, I have reached 100 posts on Lacking Sense! (throws confetti) Lacking Sense has been on the air for 6 months. I made my first post on July 21, 2010. There have been some rocky moments where I failed to keep up with posting but I know as long as humans are idiots I will have something to post about. Keeping up with a news blog has been a chore but it’s interesting to see how much I can keep up with current events. It’s inspired some awesome discussions (fights) with my parents.

This year will hold some first for me. I still plan to move out in May. You can expect a lot of posts about the process of renting and furnishing my own space. I suspect something will piss me off and someone will be an idiot, so I should have a lot to rant about. My first chiropractor/physical therapist appointment is this Monday. I’m hoping it will relieve some of my neck pain and lessen my migraines. As it is, I have a low grade headache all the time and I’m getting really tired of it. Next Wednesday is my first appointment with a new orthodontist to see if she can do anything about my bite being off at the same time as taking care of the pain. My teeth do not properly connect right now and my cheeks are often sore. Especially right in front of my ears. If I can’t have a correct bite without pain then I’ll just take having no pain. I still have no idea what caused my TMD / TMJ problems.

Anyway, it’s a busy year up ahead for me. I’ve been saving money as much as I can and paying off my car as fast as I can while doing so. I don’t want to have the car payment while I have to cover rent. As it stands, I’ll have the car paid off in March. Since I’m not looking to move until May, that will give me another month or so to really save some money. I can’t wait.


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Thank you!

You are all making me blush! Thank you for the comments and the emails about my blog and I’m overjoyed that you like it. Thank you so much!

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My New Year’s Resolutions. Same as everyone else’s really…

Well, it’s the New Year and we all know that with the New Year comes our New Year’s resolutions. Some people have a big huge list of things they want to accomplish for 2011. Really, a list of a whole bunch of things just makes me feel pressured and triggers my knee-jerk reaction of “I don’t wanna.” So, I have only two resolutions for this year.

Lose weight.

Move out.

Ugh, lose weight. How cliché, I know. Everybody has lose weight as a New Year’s resolution. The thing is, I’ve been steadily gaining weight for the past five years. A few pounds every year. Back when I was working at Walgreens and on my feet all day I was at the lowest weight I’d been in my adult life. That was 230 lbs. Then I started to work for ITW and sat at a desk. I gained it back at a horrifying rate. Then, in the winter of 2009 I decided I would lose weight again and began to take a walk around the upstart storage area during lunch. It was 20 minutes walking in a circle and I didn’t have to worry about running into anything while reading on the move. I lost 25 lbs. that winter but in the spring I discovered that it got very hot up there as the weather grew warmer. I was forced to stop my lunch time walking and gained the 25 lbs. back with interest. I am now getting too close to 280 lbs. for comfort and peace of mind.

So, this winter it is back upstairs and to walking. I hope to return to 230 lbs. Maybe not in this year but to get a good portion off before 2012. When spring hits, I’ll have to switch to a different exercise. I hope to move out this spring and being in my own place will give me more control. Also, I need to be more mindful of what I eat. On Sunday when I was watching movies in my bedroom on my laptop ( because my Dad was still home and hogging the living room TV and Roku box), I got up to stretch my legs and wandered into the kitchen. I started to snoop through the pantry and thought “Am I hungry or just bored?” I was bored. So I left the junk food where it was and went back to finish my movie. That is the type of thing that will help me lose weight.

As for my second goal, I’m counting the days until May. I need to move out. I can’t stay with my parents anymore. I can’t stand it. I have to restrain myself from murder at this point. And the cigarette smoke is just killing me. I wake up every morning and have to cough and hack the gunk out of my throat. We have four air purifiers, one of which is actually in my bedroom, and it’s just not cutting it. I feel smoked out and the house is always dirty. I can’t clean because my Mom is camped out in the living room doing her best impression of a chimney! So, come hell or high water I will be moving out this spring. I’m on the waiting list for the apartment complex I want to move into and I can’t wait to move. I need to buy a table and measure the doorway to make sure the couch I want will fit through the door!

Happy New Year!

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That giggling you hear is a sign of insanity, not amusement.

Christmas has come and gone and it was just another day for me. My brother accepted an invitation from a friend in Florida to visit and has been down there ever since last Wednesday. When he returns in the middle of this week, we’ll go out to dinner on New Year’s Day. Because the 2010 Yule dinner was on the Saturday before Christmas, I didn’t have time to go out to dinner then. So, it all got postponed until we could all get together again. I got my Christmas present, my new laptop, at the end of October, so there were no presents under the tree. A tree I only put up so that Dan could have a backdrop to shoot his pictures against when he suckered me into sitting on a stool for two hours so he could fuck with his lights and ‘practice’. I wouldn’t have bothered otherwise. We had pork cutlets and baked potatoes for Christmas dinner.

I have been ill since last Tuesday. Sore throat and congestion. And with both parents in the house over Christmas, I’ve been living in a cloud of cigarette smoke for the past four days. Mom smokes like a chimney when she’s alone and if you add Dad to the mix that’s just another person contributing to the haze and Mom always smokes more when Dad is around. (Why did you marry each other?) Come this morning, I was glad to go back to work just to be able to fucking breathe! I can’t wait for May. No matter what happens with my jaw and TMD / TMJ in the next few months, I have to get out of there. It’s getting unbearable. I can’t stand being in that damn house.

On top of that, my Dad got a home atomizer so he could do his own breath treatments instead of waiting until he was so sick he couldn’t function and going to the doctor to have them done. This basically breaks apart the crap in his lungs and makes him cough it up. However, he somehow thinks it is appropriate to ask his daughter for ‘a small favor’ and hand me the coffee cup he’s been spitting into with instruction to flush it down the toilet. Oh, and “don’t look at it, it’s not pretty”. What part of your crazy brain is telling you that that is okay? That’s disgusting and you’re an asshole.

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2010 Christmas lunch. Now, I’m full and I want a nap.

We’ve always had Christmas parties for my work. We used to book a hall or restaurant and have them deal with it. In 2008 there was a bit of a waffle about whether we should have a Christmas party or not. The down turn in the economy had really started to get bad and the company had just done its first bunch of layoffs. Nobody really wanted to do anything. Most thought a party right then would be in bad taste. Then there was a last minute decision to have a party anyway and Don very quickly booked a restaurant off of Olive Road. I can’t even remember the name. Some small Italian place in an old house, if I remember correctly.

Everything was going fine. Drinks had been served and everyone was sitting down waiting for the food to be brought out. It was a nice dining room on the second floor with mauve carpets (what is up with restaurant dining rooms and mauve carpet?) and the tables were large and spaced so that people could walk around without having to squeeze between chairs. There was even a nice dance floor. Then the food came and everyone that had ordered beef, and most of us did, had raw meat. Now, I know that some people like their steak rare but there is a line between rare and being able to say ‘ouch’ when I poke it with my fork. Nobody was happy with that.

Then, last year we had someone come in and cater a lunch for us for the Christmas party. It sounded like a great idea until we lined up at the buffet for food. Most of it was cold and there wasn’t enough of it. People in the back of the line didn’t get any mashed potatoes. There was no question of seconds. The tea machine was empty after everyone had their first cup and they had no more. That was painful and, again, nobody was happy about that.

We just had this year’s Christmas lunch and I have to say it went very well. Everything was hot and there was enough for seconds. They had several pitchers of tea. My only complaint is that the butter, while very pretty in its silver dish, was still frozen. You had to set down your plate, grab the base of the dish, and chisel some butter out with the fancy spread knife. Otherwise, they could have use bigger plates. Or used real china. I miss real china. Plastic plates just aren’t the same. [pout] But they had red velvet cake with candies pecans on top, so I’ll let the plate thing slide.

Kristin and Pat just took the stuff we collected for the charities to the proper drop-off sites. We had 396 units of food for the local food bank, 53 toys for Toys for Tots, and 65 hats, gloves, scarves, and coats for the Trinity Community Center. Of which includes the four coats I finally remembered to bring up from downstairs. I’ve been meaning to get rid of them for some time and kept forgetting. They were really nice coats too, and if they still fit any of us we might still be wearing them even though they were my parent’s coats from before they had kids. Worn one year and that’s it. It’s tragic, I tell you. Four people are going to get a nice surprise this year.

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My apartment dreams and how I really, really….really want to leave now.

How about something a little more light-hearted today rather than me writing about how the government is screwing us over, hmm? On Tuesday I went over to tour the apartment complex I plan to move into come spring, in the month of May or somewhere near there. I didn’t fill out anything, I just wanted to tour a one bedroom apartment so I could get an idea of the size and to make sure it was really what I wanted. Well, I love it. If the apartments are older than the 90’s, I’d be shocked. They’re in great condition. Here’s the outside of the apartment block I toured.

Outside of the apartment block.

The balconies are a little small but big enough for a small table and a chair. I’d be able to let Boots outside on it. Plus, I’d have at least some space for flower pots. The patios for the first floor apartments are bigger and I’m a little torn about which level apartment I should shoot for. The whole building is nothing but one bedroom apartments, so I could have a ground level apartment or a second story apartment. The second story would be safer but the ground level would be easier to get my furniture inside and take groceries into. I guess it will depend on what is available in the spring. I have a chronic fear of not being able to fit a couch through the doorway of a second story apartment. My brother had to take his couch through the sliding glass patio door when he moved into his apartment.

The kitchen & door to utility room.

The living room from the front door.

It’s a huge apartment, 752 square feet, and it comes with a full size washer and dryer hook up in the utility room. I’d be able to put Boot’s litter box in there easily. It’s an electric stove, which sucks, but there is a dishwasher. It has space for a dining table. The bedroom is about as wide as my current bedroom but longer. Since I wouldn’t have to fit my TV in my bedroom like I do now, it’s perfect. There is a walk in closet, not huge, but big enough for all my clothing and a little storage. Oddly, the bathroom had two doors, one from the living room and another from the bedroom. Why have a doorway from the bedroom in a one bedroom apartment? It just takes up space. The bathtub has those sliding glass doors on them, which is annoying but not too bad. It’s a lovely apartment and I can’t wait to get in there. I’ve had to postpone my moving out twice now and it’s getting to be girl interrupted around here.

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A filler post and I hate the holidays.

Slow day at work. I need to make a different graphic for the header on this blog. Something still Alice in Wonderland but the right length. For some reason, this template is using an old graphic. We just put up the Christmas tree in the front lobby at work this morning. An annoying task made even more so when Pat joins the party and begins to make “decisions” about the tree. Then there is my co-worker, Amanda, who is an OCD tree branch fluffer and bow rearranger. [snicker] I haven’t even put up the tree at home and there is a good chance I never will this year. I hate the holidays.

My brother will be out of town Christmas week. (Something about finally accepting a friend’s continued invitation for Christmas. I didn’t catch much.) So, the family will be going out to dinner the weekend before. Yes! No cooking! No cleaning! No people! Now that’s my kind of holiday. I’ll probably hide in my bedroom and watch TV on Hulu on my laptop computer.

Dad brought back another mutant germ this weekend. So, when both my Mother and I fall victim to some illness we have no immunity to, we can thank him. Again. Yeah.

This afternoon I will be heading over to view an apartment in the complex I plan to move into in the spring. I won’t move until around May but I want to see the apartment size and shape so I can start collecting furniture now. It’s 752 square feet of space and has a separate dinning space from the kitchen. So, I’m hoping it will be a pretty good size. The layout sheet doesn’t offer measurements, so this will be the first idea of the space of the place I’ll get. I can’t wait to see it. I brought my camera and I’ll take a few pictures for you all. I’m really excited.

I went back to Dr. Quiqless yesterday for a talk that could have happened over the phone and saved me a 40 minute trip but I’ll talk about that later. Needless to say, nobody has any idea what is wrong with me. Like usual.

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I’m so sorry and I’m back now, if there is anybody still reading this. :)

Let me post this up and then we’ll get on with a proper post. First of all, I’m so sorry for basically disappearing in November. NaNo really did eat me and while I won (I wrote 50,705 words before I relieved I could stop), that’s no excuse for leaving the few readers that I may have had hanging in the cold. I apologize. I didn’t mean to but I hate feeling rushed and the kid in me started bucking with doing both this blog and the NaNoWriMo challenge. But, we will resume normal posting behavior (I hope!) as of right now.

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and used up all those leftovers. Now, on to December.


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Thanksgiving at a drug store and how I hope you all burn your houses down. Second holiday post.

Thanksgiving doesn’t have a lot of stuff attached to it. It’s mostly just food based. We had a few paper turkeys and things in the store but otherwise that was it. Walgreens does not close for holidays; any holiday. So, we were open on Thanksgiving Day and I was working because I have no family and said I would. Because I’m an idiot.

We ran out of eggs by 11am and 2% milk by noon. Things just went downhill from there. Everybody that came in needed some sort of dairy product or flour or sugar. We were the only store with food stuffs open, not counting some of the gas stations. And everybody needed just a little extra of something. By 2pm we were out of butter. The manager commented that this was as busy as she’d ever seen it on a Thanksgiving while both of the front registers were going non-stop. People began to get pissy as we ran out of stuff or didn’t have exactly what they wanted. We still had the off brand of sugar but not the name brand. My reassurances that it was the same thing did not seem to help.

Things trickled to a stop about 3:30pm. We figured that people had mostly eaten by then and were in the process of watching football. Nikki and I stared at each other from the opposite cash register. “I need to pee so badly,” I said. Nikki giggled. “I haven’t eaten anything yet today,” she admitted. I think lunch that day were a few Nutcracker Snickers from the seasonal aisle and soda from the cold boxes.

The Monday after Thanksgiving, the rest of the Christmas stuff was hauled from the back room. The Christmas aisle was not a bad as the Halloween stuff. Instead, the children’s attention turned to the toy aisle. It’s only November and already I heard cries of “Mommy! Mommy! I want that for Christmas!” Seriously, kid, Walgreens is not the best place to be demanding toys. At least go to Walmart or something. Everything Walgreens sells is cheap and made in some place I’ve never heard of. (No, not China. Or Taiwan. I know those places. Of course I’ve heard of Japan! You know what? Shut up.)

The real joy of the Christmas season is when a customer managed to tip something over on their heads. You see, the tubes of wrapping paper and the bags of bows were in large boxes with the fronts cut out. Inevitably, someone would not get the concept that the wrapping paper tubes had to be lifted out and would just yank the tubes forward. This would send the whole box crashing over their heads. This was amusing the first half dozen times someone did it. After that the wails and threats of being sued just got annoying. Then we’d get the customers who’d riffle through everything to find the one package they wanted. They would take the entire stack of gifts tags off their hook and then select the package they wanted out of that stack. Then they’d just leave the stack on a nearby shelf or place them on the bottom riser. No attempt was made to try and hang them back up. That was fun.

Once again, I must ask that if you are going to steal candy by opening it in the store to please just eat the whole thing. I can’t tell you how gross it is to find chocolate Santa and reindeer with their heads bitten off shoved behind the Christmas lights. I have fewer problems finding the empty wrapper than I do finding the half eaten candy. Just eat it.

But that was just the weeks leading up to Christmas. The infamous one day Christmas sale and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are much, much worse.

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Any questions about TMD / TMJ? Leave a comment and I’d be happy to respond.

Uh. I got quite a few views on my post yesterday. This brings me to believe that my posts on my TMD / TMJ problems are my most popular posts. So I ask you, dear readers, do you have TMD / TMJ or does a family member or friend have it? What is your reason for stopping by my blog? What information are you looking for? Any questions? I have a mild form of temporomandibular joint disorder but I’d be happy to share any information or experiences I might have with you.

I’ve been dealing with TMD / TMJ for about ten months now and I’ve gone to three doctors about it. I wear a splint right now but surgery had been thrown out there as a possible treatment. My pain is mild and chewing, while a bit weird as my teeth don’t really connect properly, is not painful. My pain is mostly migraines and an ache in front of both ears and down along my jaw and cheeks. I’m lucky in most respects. I know it could be much worse.

Since these posts seem to be getting the most views, I must assume that people are searching for TMD / TMJ and getting my blog. So, please, if you have any questions that you’d like to ask another sufferer about then feel free to leave a comment and I’ll answer to the best of my ability.

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