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100 posts! A blurb of the upcoming year.

We have an email system set up where UPS shipping will tell us if our packages won’t arrive on time. For the past several days we’ve gotten endless “adverse weather conditions” notices through the email. It’s beginning to become a joke. “Yes, we know. Snowy Armageddon in the east. Stop sending us 20 messages about it every hour. We know.” Needless to say, if you ordered something overnight from us and it’s not there yet, it’s probably an ice cube in New Jersey.

On another note, I have reached 100 posts on Lacking Sense! (throws confetti) Lacking Sense has been on the air for 6 months. I made my first post on July 21, 2010. There have been some rocky moments where I failed to keep up with posting but I know as long as humans are idiots I will have something to post about. Keeping up with a news blog has been a chore but it’s interesting to see how much I can keep up with current events. It’s inspired some awesome discussions (fights) with my parents.

This year will hold some first for me. I still plan to move out in May. You can expect a lot of posts about the process of renting and furnishing my own space. I suspect something will piss me off and someone will be an idiot, so I should have a lot to rant about. My first chiropractor/physical therapist appointment is this Monday. I’m hoping it will relieve some of my neck pain and lessen my migraines. As it is, I have a low grade headache all the time and I’m getting really tired of it. Next Wednesday is my first appointment with a new orthodontist to see if she can do anything about my bite being off at the same time as taking care of the pain. My teeth do not properly connect right now and my cheeks are often sore. Especially right in front of my ears. If I can’t have a correct bite without pain then I’ll just take having no pain. I still have no idea what caused my TMD / TMJ problems.

Anyway, it’s a busy year up ahead for me. I’ve been saving money as much as I can and paying off my car as fast as I can while doing so. I don’t want to have the car payment while I have to cover rent. As it stands, I’ll have the car paid off in March. Since I’m not looking to move until May, that will give me another month or so to really save some money. I can’t wait.


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My New Year’s Resolutions. Same as everyone else’s really…

Well, it’s the New Year and we all know that with the New Year comes our New Year’s resolutions. Some people have a big huge list of things they want to accomplish for 2011. Really, a list of a whole bunch of things just makes me feel pressured and triggers my knee-jerk reaction of “I don’t wanna.” So, I have only two resolutions for this year.

Lose weight.

Move out.

Ugh, lose weight. How cliché, I know. Everybody has lose weight as a New Year’s resolution. The thing is, I’ve been steadily gaining weight for the past five years. A few pounds every year. Back when I was working at Walgreens and on my feet all day I was at the lowest weight I’d been in my adult life. That was 230 lbs. Then I started to work for ITW and sat at a desk. I gained it back at a horrifying rate. Then, in the winter of 2009 I decided I would lose weight again and began to take a walk around the upstart storage area during lunch. It was 20 minutes walking in a circle and I didn’t have to worry about running into anything while reading on the move. I lost 25 lbs. that winter but in the spring I discovered that it got very hot up there as the weather grew warmer. I was forced to stop my lunch time walking and gained the 25 lbs. back with interest. I am now getting too close to 280 lbs. for comfort and peace of mind.

So, this winter it is back upstairs and to walking. I hope to return to 230 lbs. Maybe not in this year but to get a good portion off before 2012. When spring hits, I’ll have to switch to a different exercise. I hope to move out this spring and being in my own place will give me more control. Also, I need to be more mindful of what I eat. On Sunday when I was watching movies in my bedroom on my laptop ( because my Dad was still home and hogging the living room TV and Roku box), I got up to stretch my legs and wandered into the kitchen. I started to snoop through the pantry and thought “Am I hungry or just bored?” I was bored. So I left the junk food where it was and went back to finish my movie. That is the type of thing that will help me lose weight.

As for my second goal, I’m counting the days until May. I need to move out. I can’t stay with my parents anymore. I can’t stand it. I have to restrain myself from murder at this point. And the cigarette smoke is just killing me. I wake up every morning and have to cough and hack the gunk out of my throat. We have four air purifiers, one of which is actually in my bedroom, and it’s just not cutting it. I feel smoked out and the house is always dirty. I can’t clean because my Mom is camped out in the living room doing her best impression of a chimney! So, come hell or high water I will be moving out this spring. I’m on the waiting list for the apartment complex I want to move into and I can’t wait to move. I need to buy a table and measure the doorway to make sure the couch I want will fit through the door!

Happy New Year!

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My apartment dreams and how I really, really….really want to leave now.

How about something a little more light-hearted today rather than me writing about how the government is screwing us over, hmm? On Tuesday I went over to tour the apartment complex I plan to move into come spring, in the month of May or somewhere near there. I didn’t fill out anything, I just wanted to tour a one bedroom apartment so I could get an idea of the size and to make sure it was really what I wanted. Well, I love it. If the apartments are older than the 90’s, I’d be shocked. They’re in great condition. Here’s the outside of the apartment block I toured.

Outside of the apartment block.

The balconies are a little small but big enough for a small table and a chair. I’d be able to let Boots outside on it. Plus, I’d have at least some space for flower pots. The patios for the first floor apartments are bigger and I’m a little torn about which level apartment I should shoot for. The whole building is nothing but one bedroom apartments, so I could have a ground level apartment or a second story apartment. The second story would be safer but the ground level would be easier to get my furniture inside and take groceries into. I guess it will depend on what is available in the spring. I have a chronic fear of not being able to fit a couch through the doorway of a second story apartment. My brother had to take his couch through the sliding glass patio door when he moved into his apartment.

The kitchen & door to utility room.

The living room from the front door.

It’s a huge apartment, 752 square feet, and it comes with a full size washer and dryer hook up in the utility room. I’d be able to put Boot’s litter box in there easily. It’s an electric stove, which sucks, but there is a dishwasher. It has space for a dining table. The bedroom is about as wide as my current bedroom but longer. Since I wouldn’t have to fit my TV in my bedroom like I do now, it’s perfect. There is a walk in closet, not huge, but big enough for all my clothing and a little storage. Oddly, the bathroom had two doors, one from the living room and another from the bedroom. Why have a doorway from the bedroom in a one bedroom apartment? It just takes up space. The bathtub has those sliding glass doors on them, which is annoying but not too bad. It’s a lovely apartment and I can’t wait to get in there. I’ve had to postpone my moving out twice now and it’s getting to be girl interrupted around here.

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A filler post and I hate the holidays.

Slow day at work. I need to make a different graphic for the header on this blog. Something still Alice in Wonderland but the right length. For some reason, this template is using an old graphic. We just put up the Christmas tree in the front lobby at work this morning. An annoying task made even more so when Pat joins the party and begins to make “decisions” about the tree. Then there is my co-worker, Amanda, who is an OCD tree branch fluffer and bow rearranger. [snicker] I haven’t even put up the tree at home and there is a good chance I never will this year. I hate the holidays.

My brother will be out of town Christmas week. (Something about finally accepting a friend’s continued invitation for Christmas. I didn’t catch much.) So, the family will be going out to dinner the weekend before. Yes! No cooking! No cleaning! No people! Now that’s my kind of holiday. I’ll probably hide in my bedroom and watch TV on Hulu on my laptop computer.

Dad brought back another mutant germ this weekend. So, when both my Mother and I fall victim to some illness we have no immunity to, we can thank him. Again. Yeah.

This afternoon I will be heading over to view an apartment in the complex I plan to move into in the spring. I won’t move until around May but I want to see the apartment size and shape so I can start collecting furniture now. It’s 752 square feet of space and has a separate dinning space from the kitchen. So, I’m hoping it will be a pretty good size. The layout sheet doesn’t offer measurements, so this will be the first idea of the space of the place I’ll get. I can’t wait to see it. I brought my camera and I’ll take a few pictures for you all. I’m really excited.

I went back to Dr. Quiqless yesterday for a talk that could have happened over the phone and saved me a 40 minute trip but I’ll talk about that later. Needless to say, nobody has any idea what is wrong with me. Like usual.

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TMD/TMJ & more money…agian.

I went to my first appointment with the new orthodontist for my TMJ problems. I like Dr. Garvey. He’s very personable. Unlike Dr. Quigless, who was never very approachable. We spoke forever. He wants me to get an MRI. [sigh] Since my symptoms came on suddenly, Dr. Garvey wants to make sure I haven’t torn the muscle or soft tissue cushion that moves and guides the jaw bone in and out of its socket. If there is an injury there, I’ll need surgery. If not, it’s another few thousand dollars worth of braces, retainers, and splints for me. Again.

I feel cheated. I already did this with Dr. Quigless, even if everything I did with him ended up being worthless. I still say the man is a cheat and a thief. I should sue. Asshole. Gods. Argh!

Anyway, Garvey’s office will send a letter off to my general care practitioner, Samantha Sattler, to make sure the MRI is covered by my regular medical insurance and to get referred. He also wants me to go to a physical therapist/chiropractor. This may or may not happen. It would just cost more money and this shit has already ruined my year. I wanted to move out in the beginning of September. I wanted to be gone. Now, I’m stuck with my parents for at least another half a year. I’ll shoot for spring 2011.

(My favorite place, Triangle Apartments, was saying they will have some openings in about three or four months. It’s a small complex without any amenities. This means it’s a good $150 less than the apartments that offer pools and exercise rooms. A one bedroom with washer/dryer in the apartment for $500 a month is too sweet to pass up. So, I’m thinking, even if it would be in the middle of winter, I’d try to get a place at Triangle Apartments no matter when an apartment became available. I’m on a list, so it might not even be until next year that I get a place. I’ll definitely try but it won’t be as soon as I wanted.)

Worse, even though my insurance covers TMJ stuff, my limit is $1,500. That’s right. For the whole year. That is bullshit. They pay for cleanings twice a year but Gods forbid you ever have something wrong with you, like having a tooth pulled or a cavity, because you are screwed. Why am I paying for insurance if they give me such a low maximum? That’s nothing. That’s piss in the poop bucket, people. Basically, they’ll pay for a healthy person who has no teeth problems but if you having something wrong with you, then you’re on your own. Bullshit. I could get better insurance than that on my own. This is ridiculous.


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Not Paying Over $600 For An Apartment!

My take home pay is $1400 a month. My gross pay is $1800. Where the hell is that $400 going? I don’t know. I suspect it’s being used by some Politian in Washington to wipe his ass. I have no control over that. There are two things you can’t avoid in this world, and that’s death and taxes. The fact of the matter is that most apartments require your gross pay to be three times the rent. I believe this is wildly outrageous and not going to happen in this day and age. I don’t buy the whole “We’re not in a recession!” shit either. We really need to change the way we live as a people or we’re headed for the poop pile.

That’s beside the point. The point is that even if I wanted to move into your tiny ass apartment for $630 plus $20 pet rent, dear Bogey Hills Apartments, I can’t. Because you have priced yourself into the nose bleed section of affordability. That noise you just heard? That was an airplane just missing your heads. Hold still. The next one will aim better. You are out of you’re fucking minds if you think I’m paying that much for an apartment that small.

On Wednesday, I raced out to St. Andrews Apartments to see what they had. Not bad. It’s old and there is no dishwasher in the kitchen but at least it had a place for a table. It’s $530 plus $20 pet rent, coming to $550 a month. Each building has two washers and two dryers in the basement, $1 per a cycle, and each apartment has a storage locker of their own down there. There are eight apartments per a building, four up and four down. But only the townhouses have patios. The one bedroom apartments don’t have an outdoor space. That sucks. I don’t think I could be very happy with that. I have a container garden I have to find some place for and the cats think potted plants are for buried treasure. Bringing them inside is not going to work.

There are a few more places out in Maryland Heights that I’m going to look at but none of them have washers and dryers in the apartments or in the same building. They just have a laundry center, if that. I’m not hauling my dirty clothes anywhere outside. If I have to walk out a door into nature to get my clothing washed then that’s a deal breaker. Yes, I’m spoiled but I also think that doing otherwise is stupid. I think some of the older complexes need to be torn down and new ones rebuilt and rented for an affordable amount. You’re smoking something bad if you think I’m paying over $600 for something older than I am.

I’ve also had to give up on Vanderbilt Apartments. They’ve had too many reports of violence and theft in the past six months and that’s the last thing I need. As a single girl with just two cats to keep her company, and declawed at that, I should go for as safe as possible. Ugh, we’ve created a world where only a privileged few can really be happy. The cards were stacked before the game even started.

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Going to commit homicide if I don’t get out of here.

I’m in a transitory point in my life. (Yay! Extra fun!) I’ve worked at my current job as a clerk in an engineering firm for four years now and stayed with my parents past the point where I thought I would crack and kill the both of them. My Mom was laid off from her job in 2007 and her health rapidly went downhill. We fell back on the money left to us from my Grandmother’s estate and have been living off of that ever since. But, we’re getting to the point where we know we can’t keep this up forever. Last year I made the decision to move out this coming autumn, around September 2010. I selected that date in an effort to galvanize my parents into getting the house fixed up and on the market. They would then move down to Fredericktown where my Mom’s family mostly lives and where the cost of living is cheaper. I’m sort of sick of being a maid and in home care giver.

I’ve had a few bumps. (The whole discussion about my teeth and jaw problems can wait.) I’ve been looking at my choices for apartments in the area. Ideally, I want my own washer and dryer. And I can get them for my price range but only in about three or four places. Last Saturday I ventured out to see some places and touch base. I couldn’t find anyone at Vanderbilt Apartments, even though I went back twice that day. I’ll have to call during the week and see if I can reach someone then.

I did manage to get a tour at Village of Bogey Hills Apartments. The one bedroom is small but has a washer and dryer in the apartment. It would have been better if it didn’t have the fireplace. I don’t like them, would never use it, and it takes up valuable wall and furniture space in an already tiny floor plan. I wouldn’t have room for a dining table, even a small one. They had a loveseat and a bistro table set up in there for show and you had to squeeze past the stools to get to the hallway. It was $630 rent plus $20 pet rent, making it $650 per a month. This is doable but a little tight.

The last place I visited was Triangle Apartments. I was able to talk with a girl in the office and was informed that they didn’t have anything available in September, the date I was shooting for. In fact, they wouldn’t have anything available for another 4 or 5 months and then there was a list. It was a smaller complex, with only about 10 buildings. Plus, it was cheap. Only $480 rent plus $20 pet rent, making it $500 per a month. All of the apartments have washers and dryers. It’s so much cheaper because they don’t have any amenities; no pool, no gym, or any other stupid waste of money. I have no problem with that. I wouldn’t have used them anyway. I wasn’t even able to see an apartment at the time because she didn’t have any to show until September.

I’m torn. I wanted to be out in September and waiting for these apartments is going to edge me uncomfortably toward winter. But at the same time, these have a washer and dryer and $150 is a lot of money to turn my nose up at. I’d probably be more decided if I could have seen the inside of an apartment. It could be completely unacceptable and I would have waited for nothing. I’m going to look at a few more places in the mean time but Triangle Apartments is really holding my attention. It sucks but what am I going to do?

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