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Kitty getting better but I’m dying of boredom.

Little Bit ate dinner last night! I don’t care if she just licked up the juice from the food pouch; she actually ate something of her own accord. Hallelujah! I was ready to get out some chicken broth and an eye dropper I was so worried about her. We were approaching five days without Little Bit eating anything and only taking water. I know she’s lost another pound or two since the Saturday Vet visit. I can feel her hip bones when I pick her up. Poor kitty is like a little skeleton. I gave her her fourth dose of antibiotic this morning and then another pouch of food. She ate that too and even tried to chew some of the morsels. I’m just so happy! [I think I will stop off at the store and pick up some chicken broth and a new eye dropper. She needs more calories.]

Oh, Snyder’s of Hanover Butter Snaps Pretzels how I love thee. Where have you been all my life? How did I not know of your buttery salty sweet goodness? Nom nom nom.

Gods, I’m bored. All my friends have either just had a baby, are actually pregnant, or in another fucking state for school. I’m going crackers here. It’s going to be 79 degrees this Saturday and I have no one to do anything with. Anybody want to go out with me? There’s lots to do. Please? I’m so, so bored.


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Horticulture Horrors

I got the plants I’m to babysit from Krystal on Monday. This included two pepper plants, a bell pepper and a jalapeno pepper. Everything is fine but then I get outside on Wednesday and find that the bell pepper plant has wilted! Oh Gods! My biggest fear is killing one of these plants while they are my responsibility. The jalapeno is fine but the bell pepper looks like I haven’t touched it in a week! Argh! I haven’t even had it a week yet! What did I do wrong?

So, a few frantic searches on Google later and I have some ideas. It’s not the amount of sun it’s getting, it likes full sun. It must be missing a nutrient or I’m just not watering it enough. So, I steal the coffee grounds from the pot at work and head home to deal with my naughty charge. I put the coffee grounds in the plant pot and add a little bit of potting soil on top because Krystal had squirrels and they liked to dig. Then I water the hell out of it. I water the hell out of all the plants enough though I watered them Tuesday too. This morning, perky pepper plant. Stupid thing. Don’t scare me like that!

But, the patchouli plant is now wilted. [sob] Why? Why must you torment me like this? I’ve done a few more Google searches for the patchouli plant and I think I need to move it to the pouch. I’m getting information that says it doesn’t like intense sunlight. Lovely. I’m waiting to see which plant will try to die on me next. In other news, my marigold plants have huge buds on them but haven’t flowered yet. I’m watching it like a hawk because I want pictures. But! But, the morning glory did flower and I do have pictures! (Pictures that made me late to work but they just don’t understand!)

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Fuckers & my weekend…FUCKERS!

A job didn’t get sent out on Friday, it got sent on Monday, and suddenly I have people calling me from Florida like their heads are on fire. Here’s what one said to me in the midst of our conversation about where the job was: “Our head engineer was let go because he wasn’t able to give this customer what they wanted, did you know.” Excuse me? That was a threat. I’m sorry that you seem to be okay with letting your customer fuck you up the butt with a broom handle but if you ever say anything like that to me again I will report you to HR and file a complaint. You do not threaten me with loosing my job because the customer is “sensitive” and “absolutely must have their hard copies next day”. I do have other customers and if your jobs don’t print out by a certain point, then they aren’t going to make that day’s shipment. If you’re so concerned by it, then why are you sending these jobs up here? You are in the same state as the customer, you should be doing them.

Ugh, I’m so pissed off! We’re doing the Florida office a favor by doing these jobs for them and this is the treatment I get? Fuckers.

Okay, okay. Calm down. Little asshole in Florida is not worth it. (sigh)

I had such a nice weekend too. Krystal, the friend from the Wedding Show, is heading down to Florida (Argh! It’s everywhere!) to begin training/school for air traffic control. She’s an airplane buff. She used to be a stewardess but quit because of problems with her feet and the stress. Her husband is a pilot for the same company she used to work for. They are both plane bonkers. Anyway, Krystal wanted one last hurrah before she had to lose her life to studying and school.

We got together at her apartment and she made strawberry margaritas. She even got the good alcohol. I like the good alcohol, because bad alcohol makes me perspire and get really hot and uncomfortable. Then we had chicken wings, cheese queso, and toquitos. Did you know that the movie Labyrinth is three times as funny when you’re drunk? David Bowie is wearing a codpiece! (snicker snort) Who the hell thought it would be good to put him into those pants? And puppets! Don’t forget the puppets. Dance magic dance! (sigh) Good movie. Good times.

Then I fell asleep and had a cat sit on my head. I woke up, dragged myself from the oversized chair and went to the bathroom. I came out and found Krystal zonked out in the chair I just left (thanks) and wobbled my way into the bedroom and fell asleep there. And had the same cat sit on my head again. Really, Cali? Must you? Kaia sniffed me, Eddie used me as a spring board, and Jinx is still avoiding me. There is a reason I close my door at night with my cats on the other side. Nocturnal beasties do not make for a good night’s sleep!

I’m babysitting some of Krystal’s plants while she’s away. My porch and sidewalk now hold about six pots of herbs. There are two lavender plants, a bee balm, a lemon balm, oregano, rosemary, and a jalapeño pepper and bell pepper plants. I need to make sure I take cuttings from all of them so I can grow my own plants. My two red leaf hosta plants are growing huge. My morning glory finally flowered this morning. I was beginning to think that it wouldn’t flower at all because I have it in a hanging basket. My marigolds have buds but no flowers yet. They are taking forever! I have a mini forest now. I’m so pleased.


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The Wedding Show 2010

The Wedding Show was being held at the America’s Center in Saint Louis. That means that we’d have to get ourselves into the city. I love the city, I hate driving and parking in the city. Luckily, the MetroLink has a stop right by the America’s Center. I drove to University City to Krystal’s apartment (for which I was late because the gas station didn’t give change with debit cards – fuckers). She showed me her dress, a short beaded strapless number that looked very cute. (Krystal and her husband, Jeremy, eloped years ago. This is just a reception (read: party) for the family and to appease Jeremy’s insane mother. Plus, Krystal wants a do over from her first husband.) She then drove us to the Delmar Loop MetroLink station where I discovered I had left my fan at home. (I carry a wooden pink fan around whenever I’m forced to be outside or in crowds. I get hot and the artificial breeze helps.) We found a spot of shade and waited for the next train. It was in the high 90’s and very sunny and I hate nature.

Ah, air conditioning inside the MetroLink car. Krystal wanted to sit backwards and I discovered how very much I did not like that. The last time I rode the MetroLink was over a decade ago. The America’s Center was about three blocks from the station we got off and I was not happy when we finally got inside again. I really, really wish I hadn’t forgotten my fan. We’re early because the first 150 brides to register get a gift certificate for wedding bands at some jeweler I can’t remember. She got the certificate, which was all she wanted. Already the line to get in was huge and we left to go find something to drink or eat. We crossed the street to the Starbucks attached to the hotel and I sucked down a pink lemonade gratefully. Man, that sun was brutal.

After that, we went back into the America’s Center and entered the expo room. It was packed. I hate people. I really, really missed my fan (mostly so I could hit people with it). They had everything there. There was clothing for brides, grooms, and bridesmaids; all in sizes that a normal person would never be able to fit in. There were samples and freebies everywhere and I ate more cake than I wanted. And one cookie that had that awful chalky frosting layered over it, the type that looks like plastic and tastes like it. Yuck. There were also some caterers there but they all seemed to think chicken was the only thing suitable to serve. There was candy and even truffles (that all melted on the walk back to the MetroLink station in the freaking heat).

It was about 1:00pm by the time we had seen everything. Krystal put her pink prize ticket into a candy and wine gift basket but they weren’t doing the drawing until 3:00pm. We weren’t going to watch the fashion show at 2:00pm but now we had time to kill and ended up watching anyway. The dresses the girls were wearing were nice but the men really got a reaction. You’d think they weren’t all engaged. I tried to take pictures, especially of the boys, but my camera doesn’t handle motion very well and they weren’t pausing long enough to get a good shot. (Men, dressing up makes you look gorgeous to us woman. Even a pair of dark jeans and a nice shirt will do. But if you really want us to go gaga over you, wear a suit with a waistcoat. Putty in your hands. Also, stand still damn it! I’m trying to take a picture of you!)

After the show we checked the prize drawing board (didn’t win) and left. (There was some sort of military thing going on at the same time and there were a bunch of men walking around in camouflage fatigues and dress uniforms. I about died.) We went down into the MetroLink station, discovered that we’d returned to the station we had gotten off of, went back up to street level, and crossed to the other platform for the west bound train. We were each carrying about three bags each with goodies and our purses by then. The train arrived and we dumped our stuff into a seat before collapsing ourselves. Then followed the mind numbing 20 minute journey back to the Delmar Loop station. We trooped back to the car (startling two girls walking by the car with the auto start) and drove back through traffic to Krystal’s apartment. (The Pageant was having a concert and we got caught in the arriving masses.)

We emptied the bags out onto the floor and went through everything. (Is that an oven mitt? Yes, yes it is. Oh, a shot glass. The truffles have melted…damn it!) A good time was had by all and many trees were destroyed in the making of useless pamphlets and information sheets. I petted Krystal’s cats (except for Jinx, who still won’t come anywhere near me) and left for home. God, I was exhausted and sore and sweating like a pig. I hate summer.

The lovely Krystal herself.

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