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The Great Mushroom Kingdom!

Awhile ago I posted pictures of some mushrooms that were growing in my neighbor’s yard. I was hoping he’d leave them long enough for the caps to pop but no luck. He removed them before that happened. Luckily, new mushrooms grew in their place and since he’s gone during the week these were able to pop. I headed out on a sunny day and caught some awesome pictures of the mushrooms.

I love perspective pictures. I used the macro setting on my Canon PowerShot camera to get in close without losing focus and then I tilted the camera up under the mushroom caps. I tried both not using a flash and using a flash. The non-flash pictures ended up being too dark to see a lot of detail but the flash pictures came out great. Suddenly, we’re in The Great Mushroom Kingdom where the mushrooms are bigger than you!



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My neighbor has mushrooms in his yard.

I find plants fascinating. They’re beautiful and plentiful and it’s not obvious how they survive. Also, they have a great habit of staying still for pictures. My neighbor had mushrooms in his yard and I sneaked out yesterday for some pictures. Unfortunately, he removed them before the tops could flare out. Butthead. So, all I have are these.

I had one huge orange marigold boom on my plant and the storm last night broke the stem. I managed to save it before it wilted and it’s now in a bud vase in my room. So, I’ll get a few more days of enjoyment out of it.

P.S. Caterpillar Wars: Day Three. Thursday Evening: Found three more caterpillars on the plants. Two white fuzzy caterpillars and one green caterpillar. Bought a new insect spray that lists caterpillars as one of the bugs it kills. Removed leaf found with eggs and destroyed with FIRE. Hope to not have to spend the rest of September picking caterpillars off Krystal’s plants. Fail upon the world.

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Symptoms of being a writer – pooping post-it notes

I’m a writer. Well, I’m a writer when I can get the motivation to write. But, a symptom of being a writer is also being a scribbler. You leave little ideas and half finished thoughts on any piece of paper you have on hand. My Mother calls it pooping post-it notes. I have no idea why. I rarely have something as nice as a post-it note handy when I have an idea. It’s mostly the edge of newspapers and the backs of receipts. I once had a major freak out when my Father cleaned off the dining room table and threw away all of my little scribbles because they were written on the back of receipts and magazine tear out cards. Who knows what brilliance was lost to his malicious cleaning.

I don’t actually like to handwrite things. I touch type and thus using the computer is faster than trying to handwrite something. My hand is not fast enough to keep up with my mind. (That sounded dirty.) If I type then I can just keep up with the flow of crap spewing from my mind. At the moment, I have two notepad windows open on my computer. Eventually, I’ll print them out and add little notes by hand in the margin. Then the pages will disappear into my bedroom and probably never be seen again. Or be thrown up on by a cat. My bets are on the cat puke.

I still haven’t heard back from Garvey or my regular doctor about the MRI I’m supposed to have done. I missed a call on my cell phone on Friday but they didn’t leave a message. I should probably call Sattler and see how that’s coming along. I really want to get this shit started because I’ve had a low grade constant headache for the past week and I’m sick of it. My whole face aches when I’m awake and since Garvey adjusted my splint it’s been getting worse. This sucks.

P.S. I spent over an hour last night pulling small green caterpillars and tiny fuzzy white caterpillars from the bee balm plant. It was never ending. Then I spent an extra 15 minutes this morning pulling more of the tiny fuzzy white caterpillars off and making myself horribly late for work. Tonight, I fully expect to have to pull more of the caterpillars off the bee balm. How do I kill these things? The one-in-three spray I used doesn’t seem to be killing them! Argh!

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you little buggy bugger…

Something has been munching on Krystal’s bee balm plant. I looked up the plant and the internet said the bee balm was prone to fuzzy mold but that it wouldn’t kill the plant. I thought it was fuzzy mold for a few days but then the leaves started dying. Then I noticed that the leaves had holes and gaps in them and that something was probably eating the plant. Damnation. I looked but couldn’t find the little bugger. The leaves didn’t look like the work of a Japanese beetle, so I figured it was probably a caterpillar of some sort. When I shook the plant, little black pellets fell like rain. [shrug] I didn’t know. (It’s probably poop, now that I think about it. Eww!)

I went out and got a three in one plant spray. It’s supposed to cover fungal, bug, and mite problems. I gave the plant its first dose on Sunday night but then it rained. So, I gave the plant another mist on Monday night just to cover my ass. Well, I went out to check on it again this morning and shook the plant just to see what would happen (probably fall into dust and leave me with an empty pot and an annoyed friend come October). I got a shower of little black pellets and one tiny green caterpillar. Ah-ha! Got’cha you little bugger. I gave the plant another shake but didn’t find another caterpillar.

I figure the damn thing had been too small for me to find before but got the shook of its short buggy life when it tried to munch some breakfast. I sprayed down the pepper plants too because they also have some suspicious munching evidence. It’s starting to get cool enough that I’m going to have to bring the plants into the garage every night. Especially the patchouli plant. I swear that plant hates me. When I got it, the leaves were a bright green and very full. Now they are slowly turning yellow and falling off. I’ve moved it to the porch and adjusted its water amount (gave it less) and it looks like I may be approaching some balance between killing the stupid thing and giving Krystal back a healthy plant. Argh!

This is the last time I ever plant sit for someone.

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Hate you back world…hate you back.

So, I stopped for gas last night (Yay! $2.39 Gods, we’re pathetic.) and found this little guy hanging out on the windshield squeegees. (Is there a proper name for those things? The long sticks with the sponge on one side and a scraper on the other? I have no idea!) I really wanted to clean my windows because the dirt was reflecting the sun in such a way to be almost death laser like but I let him be. I still have dirty windows. I hope you appreciate that nature. I have dirty windows because of you twice now.

Krystal’s plants hate me. The lavenders, rosemary, and oregano plants are doing fine. Like little angles. The two pepper plants are now just semi-evil now that I’ve been giving them more water and placed them on the porch rather than the more sunny sidewalk. I’ve already lost a bell pepper to sun scorch. I still have to take them into the garage at night because it’s been getting too cool. But, three of the plants are pure evil. The lemon balm is turning a yellowish color and I don’t know what’s wrong with it. I pruned it a little because it was getting too big but everything I’ve read says it wants sun. I don’t know. It hates me.

Then there is the bee balm. Some warning about the bee balm would have been good. Something about not getting the leaves wet and it being prone to fuzzy mold would have come in handy. Now I’ve had to removed half the leaves and spray it down with a water, baking soda, liquid dish soap mixture and hope I’m not too late. It’s evil. But, the award for pure evil goes to the patchouli. Its leaves are yellowing and falling off. I have no idea why. It’s a hot weather plant that likes drier soil but not burning sun. I think I may be watering it too much. Eh. I brought it inside to my bedroom last night (complete with a daddy long legs that met a tragic end before I could rescue it from my cats) and might just leave it there most days. It is, however, evil.

Also, I’ve been informed that my dental insurance will not cover adult orthodontics. This means I will be paying the whole $6,000 for my braces and retainers myself. Look, my MetLife insurance will only pay a total of $1,500 for the whole year. Like I said, that’s pee in the poop bucket. Can we not be total assholes while screwing me over? Hmm? Including the up coming stuff, I will have spent just about $11,000 to treat my TMJ. I only make $24,000 in a year people! This is bullshit. Complete bullshit. A curse upon you all! A curse, I say! Fuckers.


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Horticulture Horrors

I got the plants I’m to babysit from Krystal on Monday. This included two pepper plants, a bell pepper and a jalapeno pepper. Everything is fine but then I get outside on Wednesday and find that the bell pepper plant has wilted! Oh Gods! My biggest fear is killing one of these plants while they are my responsibility. The jalapeno is fine but the bell pepper looks like I haven’t touched it in a week! Argh! I haven’t even had it a week yet! What did I do wrong?

So, a few frantic searches on Google later and I have some ideas. It’s not the amount of sun it’s getting, it likes full sun. It must be missing a nutrient or I’m just not watering it enough. So, I steal the coffee grounds from the pot at work and head home to deal with my naughty charge. I put the coffee grounds in the plant pot and add a little bit of potting soil on top because Krystal had squirrels and they liked to dig. Then I water the hell out of it. I water the hell out of all the plants enough though I watered them Tuesday too. This morning, perky pepper plant. Stupid thing. Don’t scare me like that!

But, the patchouli plant is now wilted. [sob] Why? Why must you torment me like this? I’ve done a few more Google searches for the patchouli plant and I think I need to move it to the pouch. I’m getting information that says it doesn’t like intense sunlight. Lovely. I’m waiting to see which plant will try to die on me next. In other news, my marigold plants have huge buds on them but haven’t flowered yet. I’m watching it like a hawk because I want pictures. But! But, the morning glory did flower and I do have pictures! (Pictures that made me late to work but they just don’t understand!)

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