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Don’t stop to edit! The NaNoWriMo writing challenge and losing a whole month to writing.

November is more than just the general election and a holiday to stuff ourselves with turkey. It is also National Novel Writing Month, otherwise know by the abbreviation NaNoWriMo. NaNo, as it is often shortened to, is a month long challenge to write a novel of 50,000 words in thirty days. Beginning midnight the morning of November 1st until midnight November 30th, participants will strive to write 50,000 words in one headlong rush. Some win, others dive bomb in flames. People then use those flames to roast marshmallows and make s’mores.

NaNo is run by The Office of Letters and Light, an organization that helps children and adults express themselves through creation with online and real-world inspiration and encouragement. There are no prizes and the only thing you get for writing 50,000 words is sore fingers and a nifty Internet badge. The forum on the NaNo website is split into regions, with major cities around the world represented by their own region on the forum. This will be my third year participating in the Saint Louis, Missouri region.

Participants for the NaNo writing challenge can either write by themselves or they can join a write-in. A write-in is simply a gathering of participants to write and hopefully keep up with the 1,660 words you need each day to make your end 50,000 goal. They can be hosted at coffee shops, bookstores, or people’s homes. Write-ins are useful as they force those who attend to spend their time writing and having other NaNo writers around you encourages a higher word count. Each region is headed by a municipal liaison. The liaison has control over the forum for your region and can contact The Office of Letters and Light if the need should rise.

Our region has several events, including a Kick-Off party that was held last Sunday. I was planning to go but ended up not being able to when I woke up that morning with a migraine. There will be a Thank God It’s Over party, TGIO, in the beginning of December. I’m getting a new laptop after the one I had been using, which was my Grandfather’s old laptop and is now a whole decade old, finally crapped out on me. I wasn’t planning on buying a new laptop until the spring but needs must and all that. I plan this laptop to be my primary computer when I move out in May. I don’t want to have to make room for a desktop computer in an apartment and hope my new laptop can function well enough for my limited needs. It’s a Sony Vaio and I hope it arrives before my first write-in on November 3rd.

I won my first year of NaNo but bombed my second year when I just couldn’t get up the steam. I’m hoping to be able to attend more write-ins this year and win again. As for all you writers out there who have a story floating around their heads, why don’t you NaNo with us? Stop making excuses and get that story out of your head! Go to the National Novel Writing Month website and create an account. Then look up your region and join in on the fun.


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Where the hell did October come from?

Ugh, I forgot my flash drive at home! It had my pictures of Little Bit I was going to post up here so you could see her and then it had my post about the “Cheapest Family in America” that was on The Today Show last week. [headdesk] Argh, fail Patricia. Fail. Guess I get to ramble about my long weekend. Yay for all of you.

My company is a little Nazi about donating to the United Way and I let them take the two dollars from my paycheck just to get them to shut up. But everyone that donates gets a free day off. Well, I got an email last Monday about my free day off from 2009 warning me that if I didn’t use it before the end of September that I would lose it. Great, thanks for the heads up three days before the end of the month. Real useful. Luckily, nobody else was off that week so I used that free day and another vacation day to take Thursday and Friday off. A nice, long four day weekend.

I reverted to my natural night owl state, as I knew I would. I have five hours of sleep because I couldn’t bring myself to go to bed last night. I went shopping on Thursday, going into the Dollar General to see what their prices were. You know, you pay less for a smaller size than what you would pay for in the larger size in the regular stores. But there were some good bargains. I got a 12 pack of Mountain Dew for three dollars. That’s a good price. Then I went to the Goodwill to see if they had anything interesting or any clothing that would fit me. (You know, half of why I want to loose weight is so I can buy more clothing from the Goodwill and other thrift stores. Plus sized clothing is damn expensive.)

The Goodwill does have plus sized clothing, just less of it than they do regular sizes. I find something if I’m lucky. I did end up finding two pairs of pants that were acceptable but no shirts. I really need some shirts and I don’t feel like going up to Fashion Bug and paying full price. When the hell did simply having the money in the bank become more pleasurable than actually spending the money? I used to spend money like it was running away from me but now you can’t pry a few bucks from my fist with a crowbar. I’d rather have the money than have the thing bought with the money.

Then I took a turn through the Spirit Halloween Store. I love Halloween. I wish my neighborhood did more to celebrate it. Only a few people really decorate and there are a few that don’t even hand out candy. We have very few kids because it’s a small dead-end neighborhood. It’s very disappointing. I pushed all the display buttons and fiddled with the squishy eyes. They had a witch’s Book of Shadows that opened itself and spoke in a crackly voice. It was awesome and forty bucks. Needless to say, I didn’t get it. Then I contemplated the fairy wings for awhile before an influx of little kids chased me from the store. (I hate children.)

Then I took my car up to the dealership we got it from on Friday because my brakes were still screeching and it needed its 30,000 mile oil change. My Mom followed me up as my ride back home and then we got McDonald’s for breakfast. Then I spent most of the day in bed with a migraine. I woke up around 3:00pm to eat something and take more Tylenol and aspirin. The dealership called to say my car was ready and we went up to retrieve it around 4:30pm. Then I drove back home and went back to bed. There may have been more Tylenol and aspirin in there somewhere; it’s very hazy now. I woke up again around 10:00pm, watched Iron Man 2 (not as good as the first but what is?) and fell back asleep around midnight. I spent Friday asleep.

I did the usual shopping on Saturday to Walmart (paper products and other household needs) and Shop n’ Save (food). I used to just go to the Walmart Super Store but would end up spending over two hundred dollar each trip. I spend less going to both stores for certain things. Saturday afternoon I put up Halloween decorations inside. I had a new putty that’s not suppose to damage the decorations or the walls. As of yet, nothing has fallen down. But my Dad came home when I was in the middle of the first tote and I had to stop because he’s an asshole and I don’t like being around him.

(I need to move out. I want to move out. I am never alone. My Mom is always there. Even if I take vacation, she is always there because she doesn’t work. I don’t even have the eight hours of her gone if she had a job. Then my Dad comes home on the weekends and suddenly crossing the fucking living room is something I have to gather courage for. Do you know how sick I am of being asked what I am doing? I need to leave before I murder them.)

I finished putting up the decorations on Sunday while he was out running errands. Then I gave my Mom the talk about being careful when opening the window in the computer room because I put the pumpkin man up there. I specifically hung it so that its joins would move when the window was opened. It won’t tear as long as you’re careful. I give it about a week before she totally disregards what I’ve asked of her and tears it anyway.

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Kitty Meds & Happy Mabon!

I spilt the kitty medicine bottle this morning. Not all of it, but about half of the remaining liquid dumped on the table. I had just given Little Bit her eyedropper full of medicine and went to grab the bottle when it slid right out from between my fingers and tipped over. Crap. There is probably another five doses left. I’ll have to head up to the Vet after work and get another bottle. Double crap. Another $40 gone. Triple crap.

Little Bit ate breakfast on Tuesday but had no interest in dinner. So, I took a suggestion from a fellow cat owner friend and got out some chicken broth and my own eyedropper. I mixed the broth with water and feed it to her. She took it better than she takes the neon orange medicine. I had to get down on the floor and fold my legs around her or else she would squirm away from me but she let me feed her. I’m really worried about her. I was hoping she’d eat something, not just lick up the juice from the food pouch. I’ll mention it to the Vet this evening and see if he thinks she needs to come back. Poor kitty. Please get better.

Happy Mabon, everyone! Or for you non-Pagan people who stumbled across this: Happy First Day of Autumn! Merry Autumnal Equinox! It’s 90 degrees out and humid as all hell. Well, a cool front is coming through the Midwest right now and it’s raining. Saturday is supposed to be nice with sunny skies and 79 degrees. I’m hoping to convince a friend to go out and do something with me this weekend. Bored. There is a new flea market that opened last weekend that I want to check out. Even if I can’t get anyone to go with me I’ll still head over by myself. My brother went last weekend and said it was much better than the Wentzville flea market, which is nothing but garage now. I’ll take my camera.

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Girl therapy & the $100 that never was.

We’re just going to ignore last week. Last week was very bad. No good. So, it is stricken from the record and shall henceforth not be mentioned again.

Still haven’t gotten my MRI. Am getting very annoyed. Will be calling my doctor to see what the hold up is. Patricia is going to drop all pronouns when speaking. And refer to herself in the third person. Yay, insanity!

For the past year I’ve tried my hardest to save as much money as I could in preparation for moving out, well, now. When I discovered how much money the next stage of fixing my teeth and jaw problems would cost me, those plans were blown out of the water. My insurance will pay nothing. Zippo. Wave goodbye to half my savings. Again. Fuckers.

So, when my insurance sent me a measly check for just $100 for the consult with Dr. Rosenthal [the only thing they’ve paid out on in the last year], I decided to just spend it. I’d already absorbed the loss of that $100 when I paid Rosenthal at the time of the appointment. So, this insurance check was kind of like free money. And it had been months since I’d spent any money that didn’t have to be dragged from me under protest. So, I went shopping. Yeah! Fuckers.

I like to thrift shop. So, second hand stores are like my Eden and I had just found a new store. Oddly enough, I found this consignment shop when I first went to Dr. Garvey [Rosenthal referred me to Garvey when I gave up on Quigless. Keeping up?] It’s owned by Garvey’s sister and run by her husband. Garvey’s Consignment. Whoa, I think the world just tilted a little in protest. They have an awesome pricing rule. They have the price and the date it arrived at the shop on the sticker and for every 30 days it’s in the shop it drops 10% in price. So, that $100 folding table I was looking at was now $85 about two weeks later. But I didn’t buy it. I don’t want to buy any big furniture until I know where I’m going. It would suck to purchase a dream table and then not be able to use it for some reason.

But I bought lots of other stuff. I collect owls [because I’m weird] and I collect blue glass [because it’s my favorite color]. I scored both on this shopping trip. I bought some blue glass bottles, a set of cordial glasses, an owl tea pot, an owl napkin holder with salt and pepper shakers, some copper measuring cups, and a low table. Let me show you them.

Everything is sitting on top of the table. Which is painted brown. I’m going to strip it and, depending on what’s underneath, I might leave it as is or paint it a teal color. The table was only $7, so I’m not worried if it’s real wood or not. It was the right height.

Bye bye. Kisses!

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Picture Post – The Wedding Show

The city of Saint Louis, Missouri is many attractions and is a good time destination even for people you live in the counties nearby. Early Sunday morning you see a sleepy city with little traffic looking up and down Washington Avenue.

Somewhere down there is The Dubliner and the Flamingo Bowl.

People. People everywhere and not a brain cell to share. (Crowds irritate me.)

Up next: the fashion show. (Complete with models who don’t stand still long enough and have bodies I shall in no way resemble in my whole adult life.)

swish swish I like this dress merely for the movement it gives.

Yes, those are feathers.

And now for the MEN!

I’m sure you can imagine the amount of hooting and hollering that went on when they walked out. They looked so shocked too. It was so cute.

Well, that was my trip to the Wedding Show. Really, the only thing it made me want to do is get married in the woods and have my guests make s’mores over a campfire. These people were nuts.

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The Wedding Show 2010

The Wedding Show was being held at the America’s Center in Saint Louis. That means that we’d have to get ourselves into the city. I love the city, I hate driving and parking in the city. Luckily, the MetroLink has a stop right by the America’s Center. I drove to University City to Krystal’s apartment (for which I was late because the gas station didn’t give change with debit cards – fuckers). She showed me her dress, a short beaded strapless number that looked very cute. (Krystal and her husband, Jeremy, eloped years ago. This is just a reception (read: party) for the family and to appease Jeremy’s insane mother. Plus, Krystal wants a do over from her first husband.) She then drove us to the Delmar Loop MetroLink station where I discovered I had left my fan at home. (I carry a wooden pink fan around whenever I’m forced to be outside or in crowds. I get hot and the artificial breeze helps.) We found a spot of shade and waited for the next train. It was in the high 90’s and very sunny and I hate nature.

Ah, air conditioning inside the MetroLink car. Krystal wanted to sit backwards and I discovered how very much I did not like that. The last time I rode the MetroLink was over a decade ago. The America’s Center was about three blocks from the station we got off and I was not happy when we finally got inside again. I really, really wish I hadn’t forgotten my fan. We’re early because the first 150 brides to register get a gift certificate for wedding bands at some jeweler I can’t remember. She got the certificate, which was all she wanted. Already the line to get in was huge and we left to go find something to drink or eat. We crossed the street to the Starbucks attached to the hotel and I sucked down a pink lemonade gratefully. Man, that sun was brutal.

After that, we went back into the America’s Center and entered the expo room. It was packed. I hate people. I really, really missed my fan (mostly so I could hit people with it). They had everything there. There was clothing for brides, grooms, and bridesmaids; all in sizes that a normal person would never be able to fit in. There were samples and freebies everywhere and I ate more cake than I wanted. And one cookie that had that awful chalky frosting layered over it, the type that looks like plastic and tastes like it. Yuck. There were also some caterers there but they all seemed to think chicken was the only thing suitable to serve. There was candy and even truffles (that all melted on the walk back to the MetroLink station in the freaking heat).

It was about 1:00pm by the time we had seen everything. Krystal put her pink prize ticket into a candy and wine gift basket but they weren’t doing the drawing until 3:00pm. We weren’t going to watch the fashion show at 2:00pm but now we had time to kill and ended up watching anyway. The dresses the girls were wearing were nice but the men really got a reaction. You’d think they weren’t all engaged. I tried to take pictures, especially of the boys, but my camera doesn’t handle motion very well and they weren’t pausing long enough to get a good shot. (Men, dressing up makes you look gorgeous to us woman. Even a pair of dark jeans and a nice shirt will do. But if you really want us to go gaga over you, wear a suit with a waistcoat. Putty in your hands. Also, stand still damn it! I’m trying to take a picture of you!)

After the show we checked the prize drawing board (didn’t win) and left. (There was some sort of military thing going on at the same time and there were a bunch of men walking around in camouflage fatigues and dress uniforms. I about died.) We went down into the MetroLink station, discovered that we’d returned to the station we had gotten off of, went back up to street level, and crossed to the other platform for the west bound train. We were each carrying about three bags each with goodies and our purses by then. The train arrived and we dumped our stuff into a seat before collapsing ourselves. Then followed the mind numbing 20 minute journey back to the Delmar Loop station. We trooped back to the car (startling two girls walking by the car with the auto start) and drove back through traffic to Krystal’s apartment. (The Pageant was having a concert and we got caught in the arriving masses.)

We emptied the bags out onto the floor and went through everything. (Is that an oven mitt? Yes, yes it is. Oh, a shot glass. The truffles have melted…damn it!) A good time was had by all and many trees were destroyed in the making of useless pamphlets and information sheets. I petted Krystal’s cats (except for Jinx, who still won’t come anywhere near me) and left for home. God, I was exhausted and sore and sweating like a pig. I hate summer.

The lovely Krystal herself.

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