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Cunningham seeks changes to child labor laws and Burns wants to create a ‘training wage’.

I caught a snippet of a debate on television last night while getting ready for bed (because CNN is the default channel in my house – kill me) about changing the child labor laws. Of course, I had to search the internet to find out what they were yapping about. Missouri State Senator Jane Cunningham has proposed a bill that would “modify” child labor laws. The proposal would eliminate the prohibition of employment of children under age fourteen and repeals the requirement that a child ages fourteen or fifteen has to obtain a work permit in order to be employed. It would remove restrictions on when and how many hours a child may work. It also would remove the authority of the director of the Division of Labor Standards to inspect employers who employ children and to require them to keep certain records for children they employ.

I know the big thing in Washington right now is to bang your drum and chant “shrink the government” but there is a big difference between getting rid of regulations and expenditures that are useless or outdated and getting rid of regulations that keep your fellow Americans from doing something amoral and stupid. Because, let’s face it, humans are greedy, morally bankrupt, horrible, stupid people and the only thing keeping them from doing something disgusting is the fear of being punished. Child labor laws were created to keep young children (single digit ages) out of dangerous factory/manufacturing jobs but there is a big difference between wanting to work at the 7-Eleven and working in a textile factory where your task is to run under the huge cloth looms to untangle a snag in the threads and where failing to run back out quickly enough would result in your death. I agree that laws should reflect our time but doing away with the law completely is just as detrimental.

Jane Cunningham says that “parents should be in charge, deciding on the work ethic of their children,” which is so ignorant that it makes me cringe. Removing the regulations on how long and when a child can work is just asking for trouble. Parents, and I use that term loosely in some cases, are so wrapped up in their own lives that they don’t notice what their child is doing while other parents simply will not care. A similar bill in Maine proposed by David Burns takes the idiocy a step further, by establishing a “training wage” for new workers 20 years old or younger. It would reduce the minimum wage from $7.50 an hour to $5.62 an hour for the first 90 days of employment. What this will result in, is young workers being fired after the 90 day period is over and a new teen worker being brought in at the reduced wage continually. You are working under the premise that Americans are ethical, decent people that will treat their fellow humans with respect, even a teen, but reality is that they are not. You are deluding yourself if you think otherwise.

The loss of fingers, limbs, and even death was the result of little children working in factories. They were employed because their small fingers and arms could fit into the gaps of machinery where tools and adults couldn’t. Children were often maimed or crushed doing this.

Missouri Lawmaker Seeks to “Modify” Child Labor Laws – Huffington Post

Cunningham defends proposal to eliminate many child labor law restrictions -STL Beacon

Teen “training wage” bill draws opposition – Maine Bangor Daily News


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A random Friday ramble.

I obviously check a lot of news and article webpages for my post topics here. I also take a glance at what is trending on the search sites, like Google, but those mostly turn out to be actor or celebrity names. (Are we so bored that we have to follow every movement of our favorite celebrity 24 hours a day? You have nothing better to do?) The news offers me a never ending supply of topics to write about and I often get the highest hits on government asshattery. (Asshattery; noun. Meaning the action of being an asshat.) This basically means that as long as there are stupid people in the world, I will have a never ending supply of blog topics.

I was never much into politics before starting this blog. Lacking Sense sort of became a social commentary blog when I wasn’t looking but politics has never been as interesting as it is right now. (The news feeds are full of the Egypt crisis with a smattering of the Republican House and the Democratic Senate acting like children. I’m not looking forward to the 2012 presidential race. Right now the GOP is waiting for Palin to make up her damn mind and either declare her intentions to run or drop out. Once Palin announces her decision, we’ll see which Republicans crawl out of the woodwork. If the economy doesn’t get measurably better in the next two years, Palin could [I stress -could-] be our first female President. Provided if [and by -if-, I mean -when- because you know she will] Palin doesn’t do something really stupid before then to offend even the most rabid conservative Tea Partier. [My Uncle.] Palin could make life very difficult for the Democrats in 2012 of the cards fall right.)

As such, I’m probably more aware of the state of this country and the world than I ever was before. The last five years have been hard on the United States and we’ve been dealt some harsh truths. The United States is no longer the super power we once were and the world has shifted. I don’t think most people understand that. People are focusing on how to make things better here, in this country, and they are not seeing that we are now a part of a world market and we need to adapt for a global connection to succeed. I see a lot of selective blindness going on today. A lot of it is the fact that people are too stupid to go out and seek the information that would allow them to understand and make better decisions. We need more information than just one source or one set of prejudices. Too stupid or too lazy. We are a country of people who know too little, and I’m not just saying that in an academic knowledge sense.

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What’s happening now, what will happen then, and what should happen to fix it but probably never will.

OR –
How to sum up politics for the next two years and probably even longer than that.

By Patricia,
owner and author of the Lacking Sense blog.

The short and sweet of the politic scene is that the Republicans hate everybody and the Democrats are sissies. I’m a Democrat, sliding toward a liberal, and even I think the Democrats are lacking a backbone. Absolutely nothing of value or good will get done in the government for the next several years. Bipartisanship is a joke. The Republicans think the best action for our nation is to cut spending on everything, which is scaring people, and the Democrats think the best action is to throw money at everything, which will only help for the short term. The views from both parties are so radically different as to be on different planets and both parties are so unwilling to work together that they may as well be in different galaxies!

Nothing is going to change and you’re better off just looking after yourself because the government is sure as hell not going to help you. The news is that Social Security will run out even earlier than analysts first thought and ran into deficit last year. (Meaning that Social Security gave out more money than it took in through taxes.) The Congressional Budget Office once said that this would not happen until 2016. New estimates have Social Security running dry around 2037. I’ll be lucky if Social Security will even still exist when I reach retirement age, which may well be never the way things are going. I wanted to take a trip through Europe, at least through the United Kingdom, but now I’m wary of using such a large chunk of savings even though I’m only 27 years old.

The only way things will turn around for the United States is if the government can bridge both parties’ extremes and recognize the good ideas and the bad ideas from both. We should cut spending but not in such a way that we cut off our nose to spite our face. Spending cuts must be done sanely and to the right programs. Talk of cutting Social Security and Medicare should be looked at very closely. There may well be things in both programs that can be dealt with. Stop treating them like sacred cows. I have no doubt that someone, somewhere added a line that benefited their own special interest group and those types of things need to be done away with. Wages for federal employees should be included, especially high ranking officials, judges, and politicians. If a government employee makes $12 or less an hour, leave them alone. If they make more than $40,000 a year, then they need to be taken down a few pegs. (Especially if they have a working spouse or have another source of family income.) We as a whole, as a nation, need to restructure how we live or we will be stuck as we are now forever.

On the flip side, we should be spending to support our future. Research, education, and domestic business should be top priority. We have to find another energy source beside oil. Wind, solar, and hydraulic power collection should be a focus. Technologies for cars that run on power sources besides gasoline have to be found. We cannot continue to rely on oil like we do now. Medical advancements that are both lower in cost and more accessible for the public should be sought. We should be teaching our youth to be able to manage the global field and to compete with other countries that have drastically outstripped the United States in test scores and high demand jobs. It is a small world and we have to learn to think of other countries as competitors for the same resources. Also, domestic business should be supported with taxes cuts and incentives. Small businesses that are actually based in the United States keep both profits and expenditures in this country. Global businesses get the bulk of their profits from other countries and local main street operations have to be a focus for help. At the same time we need to drop the cost of operating within the United States to draw those global businesses back. Only then will jobs be created.

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That giggling you hear is a sign of insanity, not amusement.

Christmas has come and gone and it was just another day for me. My brother accepted an invitation from a friend in Florida to visit and has been down there ever since last Wednesday. When he returns in the middle of this week, we’ll go out to dinner on New Year’s Day. Because the 2010 Yule dinner was on the Saturday before Christmas, I didn’t have time to go out to dinner then. So, it all got postponed until we could all get together again. I got my Christmas present, my new laptop, at the end of October, so there were no presents under the tree. A tree I only put up so that Dan could have a backdrop to shoot his pictures against when he suckered me into sitting on a stool for two hours so he could fuck with his lights and ‘practice’. I wouldn’t have bothered otherwise. We had pork cutlets and baked potatoes for Christmas dinner.

I have been ill since last Tuesday. Sore throat and congestion. And with both parents in the house over Christmas, I’ve been living in a cloud of cigarette smoke for the past four days. Mom smokes like a chimney when she’s alone and if you add Dad to the mix that’s just another person contributing to the haze and Mom always smokes more when Dad is around. (Why did you marry each other?) Come this morning, I was glad to go back to work just to be able to fucking breathe! I can’t wait for May. No matter what happens with my jaw and TMD / TMJ in the next few months, I have to get out of there. It’s getting unbearable. I can’t stand being in that damn house.

On top of that, my Dad got a home atomizer so he could do his own breath treatments instead of waiting until he was so sick he couldn’t function and going to the doctor to have them done. This basically breaks apart the crap in his lungs and makes him cough it up. However, he somehow thinks it is appropriate to ask his daughter for ‘a small favor’ and hand me the coffee cup he’s been spitting into with instruction to flush it down the toilet. Oh, and “don’t look at it, it’s not pretty”. What part of your crazy brain is telling you that that is okay? That’s disgusting and you’re an asshole.

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I’m giving you the bullshit to your sanctimonious. How I hate the holidays.

By now, you’ve gotten the impression that I am neither a very nice or very understanding person. Most of the world is just there to irritate me and if I had a big red button to push I wouldn’t even hesitate. It would be pushed like whoa and don’t you forget it. As such, it should be no surprise that I hate the holidays. Why? Besides the fact that both Thanksgiving and Christmas are nothing more than society sanctioned reasons to push one’s self deeper into debt, it is also when most people suddenly get the urge to pretend. Usually with pie.

Let me explain. For Thanksgiving you pretend that you don’t mind spending $20-$30 on a turkey. You pretend you like to spend all day in the kitchen or camped out on the sofa being forced to watch endless football because, really, it’s the only thing on. You pretend that having your uncle spill soda on your couch is fine and that your cousin’s young son pulling on your cat’s tail doesn’t make you want to toss the little brat off the deck. You pretend you like your aunt’s green bean casserole and you pretend that it doesn’t bother you when some other family member tracks muddy footprints across the rug. Again.

Then, during Christmas, you pretend to suddenly like a whole bunch of people that really drive you nuts and you pretend that spending even more money to buy those idiots gifts doesn’t make your stomach flip. At the mall you pretend that you are enjoying yourself in the crowds and that the fourth time Jingle Bells plays over the speakers doesn’t make your eye twitch. You pretend that the Santa mug your sibling gave you is really useless and cute and then you pretend that hearing the children demand a certain toy for the whatever time (you’ve lost count) isn’t wearing your patience down to a sliver. Then it’s another $20-$30 for the ham and more people in your house. Somebody breaks a dish this time and you pretend you don’t want to beat the fucker black and blue.

The holidays are just one long, endless exercise in pretending. Of the likes you haven’t practiced since you were six years old. And you’ve gotten good at it too. You didn’t yell, you didn’t curse, and you think no blood was spilt. Although it was a near thing at some moments. But the fact of the matter is that come New Year’s Eve, all you want to do is get drunk and have it be over with. In the new year you can go back to not talking to your extended relatives and ignoring your parents. There is no more shopping and no more Rudolph the Red Noses Reindeer playing in endless loops. All is right in your world and you can stop pretending. Ho ho bloody ho.

I feel the same way, kid.

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Tax cuts to be continued and Obama gets criticism from his own party.

:Edited for new thoughts: Perhaps I should clarify my thoughts. In my opinion, the Democrats as a whole are the ones that folded in the tax cuts situation. The package that we are griping about right now contains tax cuts for the middle-class, emergency unemployment aid, and business incentives that are desperately needed by the American people. But it also has the same tax cuts for the wealthy that everybody has been focusing on. This is what I meant by the “one bad apple spoils the bunch” comment. I’m angered that the Democrats, and by extension Obama, let the package pass because it still held those tax cuts for the wealthy. The Democrats should have held to their guns and gotten that part dropped. I blame the Republicans for, well, being Republicans and the Democrats for not having enough of a backbone. Obama, being the figurehead for the Democrats, is just getting the flak from it and now even his own party is pointing fingers at their once hero. I think Obama is the victim that will go down in history as the villain. :End Edit: Below is the original post.

I’m sure everyone knows that Obama just folded like a house of cards under the Republicans, disappointing the American people and his own political party. Dear Obama is in danger of becoming the villain rather than the hero in this fairy tale. The continuation of the Bush tax cuts is not something I, or anyone else for that matter, wanted to hear. The only people popping the champagne cork now are the rich and the delusional. America’s middle class are quickly becoming depleted, sending more and more people to the poverty level. Soon, the middle class in this country will disappear completely.

Obama Channels Reagan, and Risks Becoming Carter –

What should be considered poverty in the once prosperous United States? When we think of poverty we imagine commercials set in deep Africa or Asia with little kids running around in filth. Nobody thinks about the white person in fear of not making the rent that month or making the decision between gas and food that week. Or even having to turn down a potential job because the bus system doesn’t run through there. What if you are one step from being evicted and out on the streets, even if you have a job? (I use the word ‘job’ loosely here. “Do you want fries with that?” is not a job.) Poverty in this country has a slightly different face than we are used to visualizing and a lot more people are balancing on that edge than we like to acknowledge.

(When I worked at Walgreens over five years ago I made $7.50 an hour. I was paid $450 every two weeks. The cheapest apartment I can find in my area is $480. You do the math.)

Let me quote a section of a Huffington Post article here from a Democrat administration ally speaking about his own party:
“[A]re congressional Democrats going to hold emergency unemployment aid, new tax cuts for the middle class and the working poor, as well as the existing expiring middle class tax cuts that would affect hundreds of millions hostage because they want to take away tax cuts from a small group of rich people?” the ally emailed The Huffington Post. “Progressives need to stop, see through their frustration at process issues, and think about what they are fighting for and against here.”

White House Privately Pushing Data –

Is this the thought process going on in Washington? Has “good enough” become the goal? Perhaps. Maybe “good enough” is all we can hope for at this point. What was that saying; one bad apple spoils the bunch. People will celebrate when(if) our economy returns to how it was earlier this decade and spare little thought as to how we got where we are now. Maybe this is the start of a cycle of economic up and down that could continue for a long time.

But I do know one thing for sure; the ramifications of this will be enduring and wide spread. I am going to be dealing with this economic disaster when I’m my parent’s age. Could I be overreacting? I don’t think so. It may not be to the extent that it is now, but I will know that any characteristics of my economic future to come will be affected by what is happening now and I don’t think it will be for the better. In May I will officially have been working at my current job for five years. I have been denied four raises in that period. While I am thankful to still have a job, I also know that people in the older generations have handed me their problems and bad choices. I do not enjoy the thought of having to fix other people’s mistakes and having opportunities taken away from me because of it.

White House Make Economic Case for Stimulus Sized Deal, Dems Slam Price Tag –


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A real or artificial Christmas tree? The eternal question of the holiday season.

For the argument between real and artificial Christmas trees, I submit the following conversation between my friend, Sarah, and I during a dinner and drinks girl’s night in at her house.

Sarah: “I don’t understand why you have that stupid fake tree. Real trees are much better. They are prettier and the smell is just fantastic! They…”

Me: “They shed pine needles on the floor and drip sap on the carpet?”

“That is not the point! Real trees are awesome. Every year my family goes out to the farm and cuts down our own tree.”

“And how much gas do you use for this tree killing trip?”

“Shut up. It’s a tradition!”

“Ours is a tradition too. I take the tree out of its box and set it up in the living room. Then we all get to decorate it. No freezing of fingers or toes required.”

“I’m telling Santa Claus you don’t have any Christmas spirit.”

“I’ll slip the guy at the mall twenty bucks next time I see him. I think I’ll be fine.”

So, the real question is this: a real tree or an artificial tree for Christmas? Which should it be? Some say it’s a tradition and a part of Christmas to get a real tree. My family never had that type of thing going on with us and I think this skews my view a bit. Traditions change and what is feasible changes. Do I want to go out into the cold and possibly rain or snow to cut down a tree just to lug it back to my house and deal with the mess it’s going to make on my carpet? Not really. Hell, I don’t even take down the artificial pre-lit tree I use now. I just take of the ornaments and cart the whole thing downstairs as is when we’re done with it.

It was once traditional to put real candles on a Christmas tree but no one does that anymore either. The Christmas tree was more-or-less a German tradition that became popular during the Victorian era, so there are no religious connotations. Don’t get me started on Santa Claus. The image we know as ‘Santa Claus’ was created by Coco-Cola for their holiday advertising campaign. Father Christmas is often depicted in brown and green, the classic bearded druid from a long forgotten past dredged up to give your children a sugar high.

But, for me, I think the real argument against having a real tree as a Christmas tree is the fact that I’m killing the tree. The moment you cut it down, the tree starts to die. As it sits in its little basin of water in your living room, the tree is dying. It is shedding needles on your carpet because it is dying. And after a month or so, when you finally mange to kill the poor thing, you toss it out with the garbage. Ho ho ho. There’s a tradition I really want to jump on board with.

So, I shall continue to put up my plastic tree in the corner of my living room just like every year and wonder how many fathers and eldest sons have managed to injure themselves with the ax. I shall drink my hot chocolate because I hate eggnog and stay inside this holiday season with the heat cranked up while you inconvenience yourselves for a dead tree.


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Atheist billboard in NYC and the Catholic billboard response. The reason for the season and the religious aspect of Christmas.

Ah, December. We just came down from the turkey high and now it’s time to start shopping and start thinking about Christmas. Right? Yeah, I hate it too. You’re not a humbug and a lot of other people think just like you about the holiday season. As both a holiday hater and a non-Christian person, this story just tickles me pink.

Atheist ad campaigns stir the pot during holiday season –Yahoo! News

We’ve all seen religious ads on billboards while driving down the road. Some are humors, others are more serious. Well, in New York City just outside the Lincoln Tunnel are two ads dueling it out for drivers’ attention. One ad, put up by the American Atheists, announces that the story of Christmas is a myth. You know, the whole Three Wise Men and Star of Bethlehem guiding the way to the manger where little baby Jesus lay? You were probably a camel or sheep in third grade because of it. The other ad was posted by the Catholic League and proclaims the story of Jesus to be real. “You know it’s real,” reads the Catholic billboard, “This season, celebrate Jesus.”

As a Pagan, I can tell you that the reason for the season is in fact the rebirth of the God and the return of the sun. On the winter solstice the days begin to get longer, signifying the return of the male deity and the solar aspect of the divine. Scholars now argue that Joseph and Mary would probably never have traveled in the winter months and that Jesus was most likely born in the spring. “Christmas” and the celebration of the birth of Jesus were likely moved to December to supersede the Pagan celebration of the winter solstice. Really, the celebration of Christmas as we would recognize it didn’t gain in popularity until the Victorian times in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. The Christmas tree, the giving of gifts and even Santa Claus/Father Christmas are relatively new concepts. (In the Middle Ages, you couldn’t throw a rock without hitting some sort of religious holiday. During that time, Epiphany overshadowed Christmas. Epiphany is celebrated in January and focuses more on the visit of the magi and Jesus’s baptism in the Jordan River.)

Epiphany (holiday)
Christmas (holiday)

The amount of people in America who say they are atheists has grown to 15 percent over the past 20 years. Atheist organizations have taken to the same means of marketing as other religions, including billboards and TV commercials. This is not always met with grace and vandalism of the billboards and announcements is common. In June a billboard displayed by a local atheist organization in North Carolina proclaiming “One Nation Indivisible”, as the Pledge of Allegiance read before the 1954 insertion of the words “under God”, was defaced when a vandal spray painted the two words over the sign. There are many more reports of such billboards and signs also being vandalized.

I find the comments on this post very interesting. Some of them support the right of any group to advertise and speak their message, as supported by our First Amendment. Yeah, that little thing we like to call the Bill of Rights. Others are appalled that the billboards are up during the holiday season and even that they were allowed to be erected at all. Nothing irritates me more than someone telling someone else what to do or how to think. The signs have a right to be displayed with any message they wish. If you are insulted that there are Atheist billboards up during the Christmas season than I get to be insulted by the millions of Merry Christmas signs and religious TV commercials I get bombarded by during the end of the year. But I also know that thinking like that is stupid, absurd, and immature. What should it matter what I am thinking or what I believe if it has nothing to do with you? Why are you so threatened by a billboard?

But the best, the absolute best, comments on this article are those who state they are not the type of Christian to press their beliefs on others nor do they hate Atheists (or Gays or Muslims or Hindus or whatever the poster choose to write to make their point) and say they pray for everyone. People, as a Pagan, I can tell you that most of us just want to be left alone and that’s good enough. But I also can tell you that we want you to stop thinking we need to be saved by the Christian faith. The word ‘hypocrite’ comes to mind.


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Thanksgiving at a drug store and how I hope you all burn your houses down. Second holiday post.

Thanksgiving doesn’t have a lot of stuff attached to it. It’s mostly just food based. We had a few paper turkeys and things in the store but otherwise that was it. Walgreens does not close for holidays; any holiday. So, we were open on Thanksgiving Day and I was working because I have no family and said I would. Because I’m an idiot.

We ran out of eggs by 11am and 2% milk by noon. Things just went downhill from there. Everybody that came in needed some sort of dairy product or flour or sugar. We were the only store with food stuffs open, not counting some of the gas stations. And everybody needed just a little extra of something. By 2pm we were out of butter. The manager commented that this was as busy as she’d ever seen it on a Thanksgiving while both of the front registers were going non-stop. People began to get pissy as we ran out of stuff or didn’t have exactly what they wanted. We still had the off brand of sugar but not the name brand. My reassurances that it was the same thing did not seem to help.

Things trickled to a stop about 3:30pm. We figured that people had mostly eaten by then and were in the process of watching football. Nikki and I stared at each other from the opposite cash register. “I need to pee so badly,” I said. Nikki giggled. “I haven’t eaten anything yet today,” she admitted. I think lunch that day were a few Nutcracker Snickers from the seasonal aisle and soda from the cold boxes.

The Monday after Thanksgiving, the rest of the Christmas stuff was hauled from the back room. The Christmas aisle was not a bad as the Halloween stuff. Instead, the children’s attention turned to the toy aisle. It’s only November and already I heard cries of “Mommy! Mommy! I want that for Christmas!” Seriously, kid, Walgreens is not the best place to be demanding toys. At least go to Walmart or something. Everything Walgreens sells is cheap and made in some place I’ve never heard of. (No, not China. Or Taiwan. I know those places. Of course I’ve heard of Japan! You know what? Shut up.)

The real joy of the Christmas season is when a customer managed to tip something over on their heads. You see, the tubes of wrapping paper and the bags of bows were in large boxes with the fronts cut out. Inevitably, someone would not get the concept that the wrapping paper tubes had to be lifted out and would just yank the tubes forward. This would send the whole box crashing over their heads. This was amusing the first half dozen times someone did it. After that the wails and threats of being sued just got annoying. Then we’d get the customers who’d riffle through everything to find the one package they wanted. They would take the entire stack of gifts tags off their hook and then select the package they wanted out of that stack. Then they’d just leave the stack on a nearby shelf or place them on the bottom riser. No attempt was made to try and hang them back up. That was fun.

Once again, I must ask that if you are going to steal candy by opening it in the store to please just eat the whole thing. I can’t tell you how gross it is to find chocolate Santa and reindeer with their heads bitten off shoved behind the Christmas lights. I have fewer problems finding the empty wrapper than I do finding the half eaten candy. Just eat it.

But that was just the weeks leading up to Christmas. The infamous one day Christmas sale and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are much, much worse.

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Popular campsite and festival venue, Camp Zoe, faces legal problems with drug accusations and threat of seizer of the property.

Being a pagan most of our holidays and festivals are held outdoors in campsites or parks. For the last two years, the biggest pagan outdoor festival PSG, or Pagan Spirit Gathering, has been held down in Salem, Missouri at Camp Zoe. Camp Zoe has held many smaller gatherings through our local pagan community, Four Winds Fellowship, and is the site of many different music festivals and other events. It is also the site of the sacred, at least in our opinion, Sinking Creek. Sinking Creek is a spring fed creek that is cold and clear and has cooled off many a reveler in its time.

But, whenever you get a large gathering of people you are going to have problems. News has broken that the DEA, Missouri State Highway Patrol, and U.S. Attorney’s Office are trying to seize Camp Zoe after a reportedly four year long investigation revealed rampant illegal drug use and sales on the property. According to a complaint filed November 8th in the Easter Missouri District Court, police officers have been able to make multiple purchases of illegal drugs while undercover and observed such sales going on while the owner, Jimmy Tebeau, or other Camp Zoe staff were “in the immediate area” but “took no immediate action to prevent the activity.”

Authorities hope to use a mechanism called ‘asset forfeiture’ to take the property. Under this stipulation, they would not need to convict the property’s owner of a crime or even charge them with one. All this basically means that law enforcement agencies have the power to confiscate Camp Zoe and then auction off the land to fund their budgets. The Camp Zoe property has an approximate value of $600,000.

RFT – Riverfront Times article

I’ve never been to Camp Zoe. I don’t camp and I generally don’t spend a great deal of time outdoor in the summer. At least not willingly. I like air conditioning and plumbing. But I know a lot of people in my community attend PSG every year and I know that my local community uses Camp Zoe for its own holiday gatherings. The Midsummer camping trip has always been held at Camp Zoe. At the same time, I know that those illegal drug activates are happening (although I can’t understand why people would willingly put such things in their bodies). Of course they are happening. They happen every time a large group of people gets together in one spot. Worse than just drugs probably happens.

Image via

However, I don’t think taking Camp Zoe away is right either. I can see the ‘conflict of interests’ issue from a mile off. Why would anyone think the authorities could be objective in this situation with $600,000 sitting in their greedy little paws? They need that money and they don’t care how they get it. A better police presence at the festivals and stricter rules are the answer here. It should be the right of the camp staff to turn anyone they think might have illegal drugs away from a festival and to search people and things coming into Came Zoe. It’s private property, they have the right.

Camp Zoe had been the site for many a festival and party but its days may be numbered at this rate. I hate the fact that a few idiots have to ruin it for everyone else.


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