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Largest Lego tower constructed in Brazil.

Brazil smashed Chile’s record by completing the world’s largest Lego tower. The tower was erected at a Sao Paulo shopping center and reaches the height of 102 feet and 3 inches. This breaks the previous record set in Santiago, Chile by over 9 inches. The tower is composed of 500,000 individual blocks, the last of which Brazilian soccer great Cafu snapped into place Saturday.


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Wednesday roundup: What’s trending and what’s being talked about?

Let me see, let’s go to the search sites and see what is trending now. Charlie Sheen is the first entry. Gag me. That man is obviously insane and needs to be put in a padded room. Lady Gaga and Katy Perry are in the top five. More crazy people but crazy people with boobs and who can sing. Well, ‘sing’ used very loosely. Who or what is a tiki barber? Ah, it’s a person; a former New York Giants running back looking to return to the NFL after 4 years in retirement. He probably ran out of money. (Ha! I was right!) It’s March, so searches for the NBA are in the third popular slot. I hate sports. I don’t understand why people watch sports. It’s like watching paint dry to me.

We’ve got some searches for Ash Wednesday and Lent coupled with a few hits for Mardi Gras and Carnival. The world is apparently completely preoccupied with Prince William and his fiancé, Kate Middleton. Although there seems to be a bit of a debate on what exactly her name will be, Kate or Catherine? The space shuttle Discovery returns home from its last mission today while the space shuttle Endeavour is poised to roll out to its Florida launch pad to prepare for its own last mission. Discovery’s next stop will be a museum and the same fate awaits Endeavour and the shuttle Atlantis. Endeavour is slated to fly it last mission on April 19 while Atlantis is scheduled for its last mission in late June.

Libya, overshadowing other Middle East countries also in turmoil, is slowly tearing itself apart. Senate Republicans and Democrats stare at each other over their expensive coffee drinks and get squat done. Washington proves itself to be useless. Again. Another report of mass animal death, this time millions of fish in King Harbor in Redondo Beach, California. Authorizes are theorizing that they suffocated to death due to low oxygen in the harbor. Ew. That has to smell.

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More reports of mass animal deaths.

I’m only posting this because it’s so near to where I live and the continued reports are getting really weird. There has been another discovery of dead birds found near Sullivan, Missouri, about an hour southwest of Saint Louis. Dozens of birds were found Monday along the I-44 south service road at Winsel Creek. The birds are reported to be starlings. The cause of death has not been determined yet.

James Bartle, the editor of the Sullivan Independent News, took several photos of the birds. “They were just scattered everywhere, just all over the place, you just really couldn’t believe it unless you saw it for yourself,” said Bartle. More than 50 birds can be seen in the photos but Bartle thinks there may have been more in a nearby field that he did not see.

Over 50 starlings found dead near Winsel Creek.

A spokesperson from the Missouri Department of Conservation did comment on a few theories about why these birds are dying so mysteriously. “Our cold weather; sometimes a sudden change in weather can effect populations and they can die because of shock and temperature change- obviously we’ve got a lot of cold weather. Tornado events can sometimes suck a lot of birds up and kill them, obviously we’ve had a lot of that weather going along in recent weeks too,” said agency spokesperson Dan Zarlenga.

Firecrackers confusing some birds while they roosted is still blamed for bird deaths in Arkansas and Sweden. A day ago there were new reports of dead birds found in California and thousands of dead fish are surfacing along Chicago’s lakefront. The birds were found along Highway 101 in California and were reported to be intact with no sign of being shot. In Chicago, thousands of Gizzard Shad, a member of the herring family, are floating in Chicago’s harbors. It gets weirder. Dead fish that washed ashore in New Zealand were missing their eyes. [Ew.]

On a whole, authorities continue to say that mass die-offs of animals with large populations, like birds or fish, are not uncommon. It could be the weather or disease that killed these birds. Environmental changes and human intervention are more likely culprits. But with more reports of large groups of animals dying for mysterious reason people are getting a little, well, weirded out.

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Weird News: Romania to tax witches.

In weird news from Bucharest, Romania, the Romanian government changed its labor laws to officially recognize witchcraft as a profession. The change officially went into effect Saturday as part of the government’s new crack down on widespread tax evasion. Under the new regulation astrologists, embalmers, valets, and driving instructors are now considered by labor law to be working real jobs and must pay income taxes. The measure was debated for months, earning protest from witches and mockery from the media.

[howls with laughter] Really?

These professions were not listed under the previous labor code and were not subject to tax. Now, they have been listed as self-employed and income taxes of 16% and health and pension payments have been imposed. Response by Romanian witches is mixed. Some are outraged at the tax and some see it as the government recognizing their practices. Needless to say, some witches are promising retribution in the form of curses.

Well, I supposed you have to get your cash from somewhere! But wow. That’s just silly.

Witchcraft declared legal profession in Romania – MSN

Witches threaten Romanian taxman after new labor law – BBC News

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