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There is still turmoil in Egypt.

Egyptian military men clear razor wire as they reopen Tahrir Square in Cairo. Tahrir had been closed off for five days following a sit-in by protesters. The Egyptian military—seen as heroes during the initial protests—are coming under increasing criticism for their repressive actions. April 12, 2011. Khaled Desouki—AFP/Getty Images


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The Armed Forces Supreme Council in control of Egypt.

Reports this morning saying that Hosni Mubarak had left Cairo did not stop the march of protesters toward the presidential palace following Friday’s mid-day prayer. (It’s only 11:30am here but you have to remember that it is late afternoon in Egypt.) It was soon clarified that Mubarak and his family had simply flown to a resort in the Red Sea, Sharm el-Sheikh, where Mubarak often spends winters.

The Armed Forces Supreme Council is the military’s top body and has already vowed today to lift the country’s 30 year state of emergency when the “current situation has ended,” and promised to guarantee a free and fair presidential election. The Supreme Council has already stressed “the need to resume orderly work in the government installations and a return to normal life, preserve the interests and property of our great people.” It will remain to be seen how they handle the void left by Mubarak’s resignation. Omar Suleiman might just step into his place and I don’t think the Egyptian people realize that the new Vice President might not be any better than what they had before.

For weeks protestors on Tahrir Square have been chanting “the people and the army are one” and the military has played a great part in ousting Mubarak and keeping the general tone of the protests peaceful. But only time will tell to what extent the military and the citizenry share the same idea about how Egypt should be governed.

The 18-Day Miracle: Egyptian People Power Ousts Hosni Mubarak – Time

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